John McConomy

Commercial Director 

Commercial Director at VorTech Water Solutions

John remains at the leading edge of wastewater aeration and mixing technology in this latest role.

Having lived and worked in Europe, Australasia and the USA, John has direct experience of how engineering tradition and local cultures can influence the growth and success of new trends and innovations.

John is the Commercial Director at VorTech Water Solutions Ltd.

He holds an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and his career in wastewater started within the Xylem group almost 28 years ago. He spent the earlier part of this career primarily involved with wastewater treatment plant on-site operations; installing, maintaining and optimizing both effluent quality and long term operational costs of diffused aeration systems.

John has worked for some of the world’s largest diffused aeration manufacturers and In his current role with VorTech he is responsible for ensuring owners and operators across the globe are provided with an opportunity to benefit from the latest advancements in biological treatment.

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